It is our goal to help kids across the globe improve their math skills and win Math competitions. We have witnessed how talented and very promising young individuals lose in math competitions because of lack of resources. They don't have access to good review materials. They are located far from the city where big bookstores can be found. They are not lacking in intelligence or hardwork or discipline. They are just not exposed to the different types of math problems that are likely to come out in competitions.

We want to level the playing field in math competitions so that one wins because he is more intelligent than the other and not because he has more review materials than others. With Mathizen's online math review, good review materials will now be accessible to anyone who has internet. Further, its responsive platform allows users to learn math on the go by accessing the test modules via mobile or tablet.


At Mathizen, we glorify excellence. Outstanding Mathizen members are our new idols, our new heroes that others should emulate. We want to foster a love for excellence among the youth in order to develop a culture of excellence around the world. That is why, we want to recognize outstanding achievements of our members by featuring them in our site so they will be encouraged to do better because they are inspirations of others. Others also will push further because they want to become like their idols. As a consequence, we created a cycle of individuals who want to excel in their field.

We need only a few geniuses to move the world to progress. If by recognizing the achievements of Mathizens we inspire them to do great things for the benefit of humanity, then by all means we will do it for the world to have a better future.


More than anything, we want to take part in the promotion of the greater good, our quest for a better world for humanity. This is our share of reaching that goal in the field where we are passionate about - the world of MATH. We believe that the upliftment of one’s math skills should not be a monopoly of the few. It must be a privilege that everybody should have for the betterment of society. The level of Math skills that the citizens of a country have is directly related to the level of development of a country. Where can you find many great mathematicians? It is not a coincidence that they are located in the most developed countries of the world. So, if we are for a better world, then let us all improve our Math skills. Let’s be Mathizens.

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