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"It is in dreaming the greatest dreams, seeking the highest goals that we build the brightest tomorrows." To be great in the field of Mathematics is a long-term goal.  You need years of preparation to achieve it.  As they say, no worthy endeavor is ever easy.  Set your eyes on a long-term goal so you know where you are going.  So that every move you make is always a step closer to it. Below are some of the most prestigious awards in the field of Mathematics.  Unlike in the field of Science, there is no Nobel Prize in mathematics.  However, some mathematicians won the Nobel Prizes in a different field, such as Economics. Prominent prizes in mathematics include:

Solve the $1,000,000 Millenium Math Question

Want to land in history and earn $1,000,000 for solving the Millennium Prize Problems of Math?  There are seven (7) Millennium Prize Problems in mathematics that were stated by the Clay Mathematics Institute in 2000. As of July 2013, six of the problems remain unsolved. If you think that your Math skills are above average, check on these problems and try solving it.  It can be a worthwhile activity after your day's work. It may take years before you can finalize your solution but at least you have something to look forward to.  Who knows after several months or years you may solve it.  Should you win the prize, please do not reject the prize money.  Donate it to charity or support Mathizen members’ events instead.  The money will be better spent when used to help others than sitting in the bank account of Clay Institute.  Good luck Mathizen member on your well-meaning and lifelong endeavor!

Math Inspirations

In our quest for excellence, we always have people whom we admire most and whom we want to emulate. By knowing the lives of the great people, we are inspired to follow their footsteps. We are listing here the great mathematicians as well as notable individuals who excel in the field of mathematics so members can learn from them.  Who knows, someday, one of our members or maybe even a lot of our members will become great mathematicians too in the future.

Greatest Mathematicians of All Time

Euclid, fl. 300 BC
Archimedes, c. 287 – 212 BC
René Descartes, 1596 - 1650
Pierre de Fermat, 1601 - 1665
Isaac Newton, 1642 – 1727
Leonhard Euler, 1707 – 1783
Carl Friedrich Gauss, 1777 – 1855
Henri Poincaré, 1854 – 1912
Emmy Noether, 1882 – 1935
Bernhard Riemann, 1826 – 1866
Pythagoras, 570 BC - 495 BC
Omar Khayyám, 1048 - 1131 Brahmagupta, 598 - 670

Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī,

780 - 850

Joseph-Louis Lagrange, 1736 – 1813 Niels Henrik Abel, 1802 - 1829 Évariste Galois, 1811 - 1832
Felix Klein, 1849 - 1925 David Hilbert, 1862 – 1943 Hermann Weyl, 1885 - 1955
Jakob Bernoulli.jpg Alan Turing photo.jpg
Srinivasa Ramanujan, 1887 - 1920 Jacob Bernoulli, 1655 - 1705 Alan Turing, 1912-1954

Source: Courtesy of Wikipedia

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